Technical Requirements (Details communicated via telephone)

Stage dimensions:

at least 6m x 6m x 6m (stage should be

slightly elevated/80cm)


3 dancers, 1 technician, 1 helper

Duration of the piece:

approx. 50 min.

Material provided by 
Organizer/ Host:

dance floor/carpet, music system, lights

Setup on performance day:

duration approx. 3h. Minimum of 3h

between setup and performance


after performance

Help for setup and dismantling:

3 strong men are needed


at least 6 m hight/ attachment for silks

is needed or possibility to set up

a tripod rig (autonomous standing).

It is possible that the tripod could

frame the stage.

Music system:

according to the needs of space

Ideal lighting:

(Details communicated via telephone)

Minimum lighting:

(Details communicated via telephone)