too HIGH too LOW too FAR

 (Uraufführung Juli 2013)


Cie. dreifrauendietanzen

(Cie. threewomendancing)


mit Claudia Schnürer & Ellen Urban &

Daniela Feilcke-Wolff


Sometimes life just seems to be too High  too Low too Far. 
The Compagnie dreifrauendietanzen fuses elements of dance, theatre and contemporary circus into a piece about love, loss and courage.
Starting point for research and devising this piece have been moments of crisis, as they could occur in any person’s life.
Whether up in the air, down on the ground, or through tango, the three female performers narrate what they experience in the center of the hurricane. What does it feel like to get stuck or have to say goodbye to ourselves?
Using poetic metaphors, the piece examines various aspects, colours and details of our inner-lives. 
Fragments of three stories -from the comical to the farcical- that illustrate perseverance, acceptance and transcendence.

A dance between body, emotions and objects which becomes an allegory for challenge and transformation.



Co-production from:

Cie. dreifrauendietanzen/

Cie. threewomendancing &
pivoting theater

Concept/Choreography/On Stage:

Ellen Urban, Claudia Schnürer &

Daniela Feilcke-Wolff



Franz Mestre
Costumes:  Ursula Maria Berzborn
Verena Lachenmeier
Duration: 50 Minutes